San Diego, the next Hong Kong?

Last Friday, Ben Stein, noted economist and commentator for CBS Sunday Morning and FOX News, told business leaders at the South County Economic Development Council Summit that San Diego had all the necessary qualities to become the next Hong Kong.  His keynote speech at the San Diego Convention Center highlighted on optimistic vision for business in San Diego, where access to American capital and technology meet a large labor force in nearby Mexico.

“You have something here which is approaching the miraculous,” he explained. “Right across the border, very close to here, you have an enormous supply of hardworking, skilled, disciplined, eager workers…You’ve got American capital, American technology and fantastic labor across the border, and the mixture of these is just a miracle for your area and for the whole North American continent.  There’s no other industrial country in the world that has this benefit.”

Stein stated that San Diego might lead the rest of the country in economic recovery.  He also said: “This area I see as the next Hong Kong. It’s just going to become a super boom town involving the cross-border movement of goods and services and labor and capital. It’s just going to be astonishing.”

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