Tips for effective newsletters.

Communication with your customers is vitally important, and one great way to reach customers is with an effective newsletter.

In your newsletter, new products and services, useful facts, insights and opinions should be transmitted to your customers in a way that is clear, entertaining and visually pleasing. The interests of your readers should always be first. They will eagerly receive your newsletters if they feel their time reading is well spent. Articles should be concise, and any humor that you include should always be professional. Charts, cartoons, colorful graphics and illustrations should be generously used, and must be relevant. And always keep in the back of your mind that the purpose of your newsletter is to reach new customers and to entice existing customers to buy more product.

What are some creative ways to make use of your newsletters? Use them as a direct mail piece. Hand them out at trade shows. Hand them out during sales calls by your salespeople. Include them in media kits. Have them ready for customers at the front counter of your business. Include them when making deliveries. Offer a free subscription on your website, and build an email list of prospects.

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