Marketing with greeting cards.

Here’s a unique and highly-effective marketing idea: send greeting cards!

Everyone hates junk mail and bills. What a joy to check your mail and find a beautiful greeting card! We love to receive greeting cards from family and friends, and once a year homes and businesses gladly line their walls with Christmas and holiday cards.

Businesses that send personalized greeting cards receive the appreciation and loyalty of their customers. And greeting cards are for more than just holidays or birthdays. They can be sent for a myriad of creative reasons: commemorating special events or anniversaries, as invitations, or as a special thank you. People like to feel appreciated and remembered in ways that are positive and unexpected. And enclosing a generous coupon just might induce additional sales for your business.

If you choose to market with a greeting card, make it gorgeous enough to proudly display. And make the message tasteful. Don’t cheapen the warm effect by jamming it full of sales talk. Let your customer know that you view them and value them as a fellow human being. Even nothing more than a simple “thank you for your business” can make your customer feel special. And a customer who feels appreciated is one who will appreciate you!

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