Fewer newspapers, fewer newsstands.

One day we may hear young people ask:  What is a newspaper?

Newsstands were once ubiquitous.  They carried hundreds of magazines, and dozens of newspapers from around the world.  Today you’ll be hard-pressed to find a newsstand.  In San Diego, only four remain.

According to this interesting article, newsstands sell very few papers.  Almost nobody asks for them.  Instead, they survive by selling glossy magazines, postcards, souveniers, trinkets and snacks.

In downtown San Diego, not only have the newsstands all but disappeared, but the newpaper boxes that once lined the streets are also slowly vanishing.  And the Burger King with free Wi-Fi is jammed with laptops.

What does the future hold?  There are people who still like the tactile experience of opening and handling a newspaper.  Just as there are people who enjoy turning the pages of a book.  But the speed-of-light ease and enormous potential of digital media is all but irresistible.  Don’t deny it.  You’re reading a blog, after all.

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