Write well. (Use your MEDS.)

To write well, simply use your MEDS.  Huh?

M  =  memorable
E  =  energetic
D  =  direct
S  =  simple

To make your writing MEMORABLE, use your natural voice.  You aren’t a lifeless computer, you’re an interesting person with a unique style of speaking to the reader.  Inject words and descriptions that are imaginative and that appeal to the reader’s senses.  (Including their sense of humor.)  Be creative and a bit unexpected.  Technically correct but bland prose makes weary eyes glaze over.

Make your writing ENERGETIC.  Use lots of active verbs.  Reduce the number of adjectives and adverbs.  Move the excited reader along.  Make them feel like they’re part of the action.  Punch ’em right between the eyes.  Boom!

Don’t beat endlessly around the bush.  Make your writing DIRECT.  Get to the point and to the interesting stuff immediately.  Don’t ramble on just because you like to ramble on and on.  Your readers don’t want you to ramble on and on and on.  They hate that!  They’ve got a life!

Keep your writing SIMPLE.  Simple sentences.  Simple words.  To make a complicated argument, or to paint a detailed picture, use a string of easily understood sentences.  When given a choice between an impressive word or a simple word, make it simple.  Good writing should not seem pretentious.  And it should not be confusing.  Making a complex idea easy to understand in one quick read: that is truly impressive!

Now those are some powerful MEDS!  Use them daily!

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