How to succeed at work (and impress your boss).

Take pride in every facet of your work, even the parts that seem mundane or trivial.

Be proactive–always seek new challenges and new ways to improve your work.

Be informed. Provide good information to your boss and coworkers when it’s appropriate.

Learn new skills.

Always complete your tasks on time.

Ask for help when you need help, or when you’re not sure of a path forward.

Always be prepared–especially for meetings.

Go the extra mile. Do small things around the office that tend to get neglected.

Keep your work area clean and organized.

Save the company money; look for new ways to save money.

Be polite and friendly, and always be professional in your dealings with others.

Be a good listener and ask good questions when appropriate.

Work well as a team member.

Maintain a classy personal appearance.

Always be honest.

Never be pretentious.

Be optimistic and passionate about your work–even on days when that’s really hard!

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