Marketing beyond print: games, podcasts, video, flash mobs.

You’ve distributed flyers. You’ve handed out business cards. You’ve sent out newsletters. You’ve printed t-shirts and bumper stickers. You’ve wrapped your vehicle. What else can you do to creatively market your business?

Have you considered creating an online game, a podcast, a YouTube video, or hosting a flash mob?

Games are fun. Most likely, your target audience would rather play games than work. But solitaire in one’s cublicle gets a bit boring. Why not incorporate your products or services into a game? Develop an ARG — an alternative reality game — that promotes your business. ARGs use different media platforms (print ads, billboards, social media, telephones, email, mail and websites) to tell an unfolding story and engage the consumer. If this seems a bit too cumbersome, why not create a simple but fun-to-play web browser game that features your products or website? Numerous entertainment sites offer these games for free.

Podcasts have grown greatly in popularity. Whether it’s talk, comedy, learning or music, people like to listen while on the go. Why not make a podcast featuring an introduction to your products or your company? You could also record educational podcasts or monthly business seminars. Increase their popularity by making them musically entertaining or funny.

Video is king. YouTube videos are viewed with relish by over a billion people. So make a video that people will be excited to see. Record a funny video of your workplace and coworkers. Or a video testimonial by customers. Or a video of your company rock band. Or a useful seminar, lecture or presentation. Or company picnics or gatherings or softball team antics. Or an event that you sponsored. Or a product demonstration. Or your dancing mascot. Or the CEO doing a standup comedy routine… The possibilities are endless!

Here’s the idea that I like best. A dancing flash mob! Organize a huge flash mob of wildly dancing people, upload it to YouTube and a million people will probably watch it! Include your website’s URL, or incorporate some aspect of your business into the dance itself. Have fun!

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