Tijuana Innovadora Expo showcases innovation.

San Diego and Tijuana together form the largest binational metropolitan area in the world.  The United States/Mexico border crossing at San Ysidro is the busiest in the world.  But while north of the border San Diego has enjoyed a largely positive image, Tijuana’s image has been hurt in recent years by a wave of drug-related violence.

Beginning Thursday, October 11, the Tijuana Innovadora Expo will seek to show the world that the situation south of the border has changed for the better.  Drug violence has greatly declined, and Tijuana has more to offer than ever.

The event, many times larger than San Diego’s internationally famous Comic-Con, will showcase Mexican innovation in digital technologies, water conservation, alternative energy, urban planning, fashion, cinematography and more.  Tijuana’s Rio Zone will host exhibits, conferences, workshops, gala dinners, concerts, speakers (including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers) and a popular bike ride.

Tijuana Innovadora will hopefully inspire the youth of Tijuana, showing the way to an even more positive future, as well as highlight the amazing economic activity that exists at the border.  Well over $10 billion in merchandise moves from Mexico into the United States through the Otay Mesa Port of Entry annually.

Tijuana Innovadora Expo runs from October 11 through October 22.

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