Help San Diegans learn to read!

Do you live in San Diego, and would you like to teach other adult San Diegans to read? READ/San Diego is looking for Volunteer Literacy Tutors!

At any given time, around 150 people are on a waiting list for this free literacy program. In San Diego, it is estimated that nearly half a million adults cannot read or write well enough to do many everyday tasks. This makes their lives unnecessarily difficult. And they miss out on many wonderful things in life that you and I take for granted.

Reading is essential for success, and by helping others to read, you will directly improve their lives. You will provide the knowledge that people need to improve their situation. And you’ll help to end the intergenerational cycle of poverty.

As a volunteer, you will be given considerable training, plus all necessary materials and support from professionals. You will tutor an adult learner twice a week at a local library or learning center, for one and a half hours each session.

Please consider this opportunity to help your community!

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