Recycle paper at work and make money.

The boss at work wants you to save money wherever you can, even if the savings are mere pennies.  But he’s reluctant to begin a paper recycling program.  Your boss is such a goofus!

You can make good money recycling paper.  (At least enough for monthly pizza parties.)  Fill an average pickup truck with containers of “white” paper, and you’re looking at around 50 bucks instantly earned…while you’re helping the environment!

Don’t believe it?

Many recycling centers not only accept cans and bottles, but paper too.  Paper that is considered “white” (often defined as 80% or more of the surface area being white, 20% or less being printed) is worth these days around $150 per ton.  You’d be surprised how much good white paper can be easily captured when dumping your office’s trash cans into the dumpster out back.  Put your waste white paper in some old, worthless cardboard boxes, and once you’ve accumulated a good load, throw the boxes in the back of a truck, and you’re ready to go!

Check with your local recyclers to see if they accept paper, and the rates they pay.

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