7 simple words for great customer service.

It’s critical that businesses provide customers with great service. Businesses grow in large part because of satisfied customers.

Here are a seven simple words that point the way to outstanding customer service:


Always answer the phone! Nothing frustrates customers more than unanswered phones and talking to a machine. It does not make people happy!


Immediately ask pertinent questions. If there’s a problem, determine exactly what it is. Address the purpose of the phone call, and nothing more. Definitely no sales talk. A customer’s time is precious, and their patience is probably stretched.


Listen to what every customer says closely. Understand what they are saying. Ask for clarification if necessary. Clearly document the conversation.


Smile as you assist the customer. Whether in person, or on the phone, friendliness and helpfulness will definitely come across; and it will contribute to an experience that the customer will remember favorably.


Solve the problem at hand, or provide immediate steps to begin resolving the problem. Every customer wants difficult situations remedied right now, not at some uncertain future time.


When possible, say yes. Yes, the difficulty will be resolved. Yes, you can provide what the customer needs.


Exceed the customer’s expectations. What more can you do? Can you offer a freebie or discount? Make the customer feel pampered and appreciated. The result of their interaction should be a pleasant, satisfied feeling.

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