Expand your business with door hangers.

Door hangers can be an effective method to advertise and expand your business. The keys to success are the proper design and distribution of your hangers.

Door hangers should be printed on heavy stock, so that when placed on a door handle, the wind doesn’t blow them away. The design should command attention and the message should be clear, and include an appealing offer and persuasive call to action. It’s a very good idea to offer something for free–consumers are eager to read and respond to material when there’s a potential freebie. Print a coupon on your door hanger–coupons are more likely to be saved in a coupon drawer.

The message should also be intelligently targeted. You will have precise control over where the door hangers are hung. Know who your customers are, where new customers are likely to be found and how you can best make your appeal.

To distribute the door hangers, either do it yourself, or have a reputable company do it.

Doing it yourself is both cheap and reliable. You and your employees should carry a supply of door hangers in your vehicle at all times. When you make a service call or deliver a product, distribute the door hangers to homes or businesses in the immediate vicinity. If you walk or jog after work or on weekends, carry a few in your pocket to hang at your leisure. When you go shopping, hang a few more!

If you do hire a distribution service, use a company that has real-time online GPS tracking to make sure your door hangers are being properly distributed and not thrown in a dumpster. When hiring children or teenagers you run the risk that door hangers will simply be thrown away.

A good idea is to partner with another business that distributes their own door hangers (pizza delivery and carpet cleaning businesses, for example). They could place your door hangers for a very reasonable cost.

It’s likely your potential new customer won’t act when they first see your door hanger. But when they see your second or third door hanger, you’ll have made an impression, and they’ll know you’re an established business.

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