Low cost advertising: bookmarks.

Three things to consider:

1. Bookmarks never seem to be around when you need one.

2. Bookmarks are easy and inexpensive to produce.

3. The people who’d appreciate having a bookmark are highly desirable customers.

Educated readers are typically upscale customers that any small business would love to attract. To put your product or service directly in front of their eyes, why not advertise on bookmarks?

Bookmarks take up very little space. They can be grabbed by grateful readers from the front counter of your business. With permission, they can be available at libraries or bookstores; and at laundromats, convenience stores, coffee shops…or any number of local businesses. They can be dropped into a shopping bag at checkout. They can be inserted in brochures, newsletters or other reading material that you distribute or sell. Do you have a booth at an outdoor event or market? Attending a trade show or convention? Have a stack of free bookmarks available!

A bookmark is the perfect place to list the products and services that your business offers. A bookmark can feature important information, such as store hours or upcoming special events. A bookmark can help to brand your business, by featuring your logo or slogan. The bottom portion of a bookmark can feature a discount coupon or offer, effectively attracting new or existing customers.

The best, most stylish bookmarks aren’t blatantly promotional; they are a tasteful benefit that any reader will be proud to use. Those readers will appreciate and remember you.

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