Color influences emotion in graphic design.

Human action is determined in large part by emotion. And emotion is influenced by visual stimulation.

The perception of different colors has been shown to affect both mood and behavior. So it makes sense that the selection of color in advertising and marketing is an important consideration for thoughtful graphic design.

Advertisers and marketers commonly use color psychology to grab the consumer’s attention and influence their feelings about a product. These universal color principles can be applied to graphic communication, product labeling and web design.

What responses do different colors stimulate?

Black produces feelings of certainty and authority; also sophistication and elegance. Black also provokes a sense of mystery and foreboding.

White produces feelings of purity, cleanliness, spirituality and innocense; also sterility.

Gray produces feelings of experience, conservatism, reliability and tradition.

Red commands attention. An emotionally intense color, it provokes feelings of alarm and boldness. The color of blood also commonly symbolizes life and love.

Yellow produces feelings of cheerfulness, liveliness and energy.

Green is easy on the eye, and produces feelings of comfort, optimism, wealth and harmony. Green is often used to symbolize nature.

Orange produces feelings of warmth, enthusiasm and ambition.

Blue produces feelings of tranquility and depth (not unlike the sky or water); also honor and trust.

Purple produces feelings of power and nobility; and sometimes spirituality.

Pink produces feelings that are often considered feminine: love, romance and tenderness. The color pink has been shown to have a calming effect.

Brown produces a feeling of solid, sturdy dependability.

When designing any graphic communication, choose your colors wisely. Not only will you affect your customer’s THOUGHTS about your business, but also, perhaps more importantly, their FEELINGS!

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