How to write a powerful headline.

If you poll some of the most successful copywriters, they’ll agree that a great headline emerges after dozens are discarded. In other words, plan to write a lot!

Keep in mind that a powerful headline often creates curiosity, promises the answer to a problem, or includes a key benefit of your product or service.

Give yourself an edge. Use some of the following words in any combination as surefire attention-getters:

Breakthrough, Discover or Discovery, Easy, Free, Guaranteed, Hidden, Incredible, Love, Master, Money, New, Powerful, Profits, Proven, Results, Revealed, Scientific, Secret, Shocking, Ultimate and Uncovered.

Below are popular approaches used by professional copywriters to write compelling headlines:


Example: How to Save Hundreds on Your Car Insurance

Headlines beginning with “how to” are proven winners. They pique curiosity to read further – exactly what a headline is supposed to do.


Example: Isn’t it Time You Quit Worrying About Your Cholesterol?

When a headline asks a question, readers will naturally answer it in their minds. When it identifies a specific need or desire, they’ll read on.


Example: Teach Your Toddler to Read in 3 Easy Steps

A command headline should highlight the most important benefit of your product or service. It demands attention and inspires intrigue.


Example: Announcing a Breakthrough in Personal Security

News headlines are effective for announcing new products and services. The promise of new information is always an attention-getter.


Example: “I Lost 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks…and I Wasn’t Hungry!”

When your headline delivers “proof,” it sparks interest in the rest of the story.

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