Promotional items that create a bad impression.

A well-chosen promotional item is a fantastic way to effectively advertise your business. Placing your logo or slogan on a valuable, useful or unusual product ensures that your brand will be remembered. But it’s essential that your marketing campaign produces the desired response.

A bad choice of a promotional item might produce a negative reaction!

Avoid promotional items that might appear controversial. These would be anything that tend to reinforce a political or religious belief. Nothing will upset a potential or existing customer more quickly than an item that they find off-putting, or even offensive. Unless you’re trying to appeal to people of one religion or political persuasion, it’s best to avoid upsetting large groups of people.

Avoid promotional items that are inappropriate for your business. If the purpose of a product opposes the message of your business, even if the promotion is executed in an ironic way, look elsewhere. Many potential customers will misunderstand.

Avoid items that might be considered vulgar. Although the popular culture contains a great deal that is vulgar, many adults strongly dislike anything that is crude or immature. And these are people who tend to be more affluent. Don’t repel them!

Avoid tiny, cheap or disposable promotional items. They are often overlooked or almost useless, and quickly get tossed into a drawer or the trash.

Avoid promotional items that wear out quickly. Your logo or slogan on a product that quickly becomes trashy or unattractive will not reflect well on your business. Your brand should not be associated with poor quality.

Lastly, avoid promotional items that could be dangerous. Imagine having your company appear on the evening news because someone got injured by a product with your name on it!

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