Feather banners have many advantages.

Feather banners are a versatile and effective way to draw attention to a business or event.

Feather banners, also called feather flags or flutter flags, are a type of vertical banner that can be commonly seen outside at festivals, sporting events, and along storefronts promoting business. These often colorful banners are displayed on lightweight vertical poles and flutter in the wind drawing attention.

Some advantage of feather banners include:

–They are very easy to set up. Erected on a small, portable banner stand, they can be stood almost anywhere. They must not be hung with a ladder or tied securely in place, like an ordinary banner.

–They are very easy to transport. Feather banners are compact, lightweight and can be easily handled. Fit several with ease in a car trunk.

–They are relatively inexpensive when compared to some other types of banners.

–Multiple feather banners can be arrayed to bring increased attention. Numerous “flags” fluttering in the wind create a festive mood and quickly draw excited eyes.

–They can be used virtually anywhere, for any purpose. Whether it’s a storefront, a swap meet, a farmer’s market, a festival, a beach event, a trade show, the lobby of your business…they look great wherever you place them! Any gathering place, indoor or outdoors, is the perfect spot for an eye-catching feather banner!

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