Fun ideas for your company newsletter.

No one likes a boring newsletter. So add fun, flavor, and something unexpected!

Of course, everyone must read the latest about your terrific products or services, outstanding employees, exciting upcoming events, important company news and announcements… But an occasional smile, laugh, or blink of surprise will make the reading much easier and more enjoyable.

Fun ideas you might consider for the company newsletter include:

–Odd trivia about your business.

–Monthly contests. For example: the most horrible shirt worn by a coworker on bad shirt day; or the best submitted joke or funny photo; or crazy workplace challenges.

–Humorous graphics or cartoons drawn by an employee who is a gifted artist or just a great doodler.

–Outrageously funny (but inoffensive) “spoof” articles that concern your business or industry.

–Crosswords, word finds, anagrams and other puzzles.

–Something wildly creative and unexpected. For example: a diagram of how to fold the newsletter into an origami swan, or paper airplane.

–A surprise coupon that will be widely enjoyed.

A good newsletter should always be cheerful. When eagerly read, it should make employees feel like they are part of a team. When you inject humor, make sure nobody’s feelings are hurt. And if you have contests, make certain that everyone has a good chance to win!

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