Make a website look good on any mobile device.

Mobile technology is everywhere. Smartphones and tablets have become common features of everyday life. Your business is losing customers if your website isn’t optimized for mobile browsers. When frustrated by a bad mobile experience, most consumers have very little patience, and they will quickly migrate to a competing website.

Today, there are over 120 million internet-enabled iPhone and Droid users in the the United States. The popularity of iPads and other tablets continues to grow exponentially. Many of your customers now make critical purchasing decisions based on what they see on your mobile website. Businesses who ignore this fact of life are losing market share to their more tech savvy competitors.

Google research has shown that 68 percent of mobile users will visit a business online or in person after conducting a search, and 53 percent will make a purchase. But these sophisticated consumers expect a high quality experience. According to statistics compiled by Limelight Networks, 80 percent of smartphone or tablet owners will abandon a mobile site due to frustration or poor functionality.

A service is offered by Allegra San Diego, an innovative marketing solutions company, that will optimize your website and make it more accessible and friendly to the mobile user.

This essential service:

1. Renders your website’s content in narrower columns for easier viewing on smartphone screens.

2. Streamlines your website, making commonly used content like maps and menus extremely easy to navigate.

3. Optimizes your website automatically. Your improved website will distinguish between regular and mobile browsers, providing an optimized screen for every viewer.

4. Provides advanced tools for your website, including a contact form with emailed leads, on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), integrated Google Analytics, a navigational site map, and an intuitive content management system for easy updates.

For more information, please contact Jen Smith at 619.295.8307, or email

Allegra San Diego has helped companies large and small with their marketing needs for over 50 years. Our friendly professionals will be pleased to help you.

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