Errors to avoid when writing business copy.

Nothing damages credibility like poor writing, or a careless error. Your company will not be portrayed in a good light if blunders show up in your copy writing.

You’ve spent hours crafting a careful message, so don’t be impatient with your proofreading. Your business depends on communication. Perfection should be your goal.

What are some common errors?

Run-on sentences.

Sentences composed of many clauses quickly become confusing. It’s often better to transform those clauses into individual sentences. Your writing must be easily understood by any reader.

Dangling modifiers.

While casual speech often contains dangling modifiers, written language should not. Grammar is important. A sentence should never be ambiguous or susceptible to misinterpretation.


Don’t rely entirely on your spell-check program. The words “there” and “their” are both spelled correctly, but if you use the wrong one, many readers will wince.

Overused words.

You know how, like, certain people use the word “like” frequently? It, like, really annoys me. Watch out for the repetition of words–even when it’s accidental.

Inappropriate words.

Don’t try to impress your reader with big words that don’t fit. Be clear and precise to make your message easily comprehended. Use fitting words.

Empty words.

Don’t waste your reader’s attention with pointless words. These typically are adjectives or adverbs which add nothing of substance to your copy. Be concise. Cut them out.

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