Make your business pitch in a San Diego elevator!

Opportunities to pitch your business, product or service in San Diego are endless. After all, there are hundreds of elevators!

Exactly how do you formulate an effective elevator pitch?

Think of your pitch as a quick verbal summary of your business plan. What does your company do? How is its product or service unique? How is value added for your customers? Why is your company best?

You must also answer the following two questions: Why should the conversation be resumed at a later time? Why are you trustworthy?

Being personable will help to establish trust. Being positive will help to create interest. Being clear will help to get your message across. But brevity, like the soul of wit, is of the utmost importance. You must convey the critical information in a few memorable words to make a lasting impression. Elevator rides last one minute or less.

Your firm handshake and business card should also be at the ready.

Practice your pitch in the elevator or the lunch room at work. Friendly coworkers will give you spirited feedback!

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